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About the Quartzsite Improvement Association (QIA)

The Quartzsite Improvement Association is a 501(c)3 Non-Profit Community Organization, and is entirely staffed and run by volunteers. Some live in Quartzite all year, while many return from any part of North America for the "Winter Season". There is an elected Board of Directors that reports to the Membership once a month, during the winter season. Many members return before the official opening to help out.  It is really gratifying to see so many people returning to Quartzite (every year) and the first stop they make is to the QIA and usually to volunteer for any of the many needed positions.

We are officially open from November to late March. Our biggest event is the annual POWWOW (Rock and Gem Show) held every year in January since 1967.

The Quartzsite area is famous for huge flea markets, RV Shows and gatherings. We have people from all over the United States and Canada that will winter here in one of our great RV Parks or on the vast areas of Bureau of Land Management (BLM) desert areas. The BLM offers 2 great ways to "Boondock" in the Quartzsite area - either a 14 day "free" pass on that designated land or for a small fee, they offer a Long Term Visitor Area (LTVA) just south of our facility.

To help defray our operating expenses, our Membership fee is only $5 per person or $10 for a family, for the entire Winter Season. - all for your pleasure and enjoyment. Even our admission prices for dances, classes, etc are very economical - we are all about helping the visitors stay and enjoy the Quartzsite area. In addition, the QIA often has a range of Merchandise available for SALE to also help.


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Our Office Hours are 9am to Noon
Monday thru Friday - November to March 23, 2014

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Keeping the Doors Open (& Closed)

Our custodial group of volunteers literally keep the doors open!! They are in charge of being sure the building is open for the various meetings, classes, dances, etc. Then, they also make sure to stay late and close the doors for the night and clean up after a meeting, dance, etc. so the building is all set for the next day or event.

Soooo, if you are here and are trying to decide to take your trash to the trashcan or straighten out your chair/table - please think of these wonderful volunteers and do the right thing! We all will appreciate it!

Be sure to take a look at the fantastic group of volunteers that do the cooking and serving (and cleanups!) for our Wednesday night Pancake Suppers. Also, be sure to look at our Activities page to see more featured volunteers.



Our Volunteers are the Heart of the QIA. All members have voting rights and may serve on the Board of Directors or just be helpers! At the QIA, we are so lucky to have so many members from all over North America. Be sure to look at our Volunteers page to see more featured volunteers



The Current QIA Board

Our Board Members are all volunteers and come to Quartzsite faithfully every year to help out. The Board is tasked with keeping the Quartzsite Improvement Association financial solvent. To that end, the Q will hold various events during the year to raise money to then give back to the community!


Nominations - January
Board Elections - February

2018 Boardmembers

President Sandy Andreasen
Past President Howard Andreasen
Vice President Fran Ogden
Asst. Secretary Kathy Ball
Treasurer Pat Smith
Sandy King
Alva Richardson
Mike McClusker



Arriving from the NORTH: Stay on Rt 95 South into the town of Quartzsite. The first traffic light will be Main St (Business RT 10). Make a LEFT onto East Main St. Immediately get into the right lane so you can turn RIGHT at the FIRST STREET -  Mesquite Ave. Proceed 1 Block to Ironwood. Turn LEFT and the QIA Building is on your RIGHT.

Arriving from the SOUTH: Stay on RT 95 North into Quartzsite. You will go over I-10 and come to Main Street (Business RT 10). At that traffic light, turn RIGHT onto East Main Street. Turn Right again at your first street on the RIGHT - Mesquite Ave. Proceed 1 Block to Ironwood. Turn LEFT and the QIA Building is on your RIGHT.

Arriving from the EAST: Stay on I-10 heading west from the Phoenix area. EXIT at # 19 for Quartzsite. At the top of the exit ramp, turn RIGHT. Proceed 1 block to a 4 way stop sign for Main Street. Turn LEFT onto Main Street (Business RT 10) and follow it into town. As you get closer to the center of town, get into the left lane. After passing Palo Verde Ave on your left and the RoadRunner Food Market on the right, turn LEFT at the next LEFT - Mesquite Ave. Go 1 Block and turn Left. The QIA building will be on your RIGHT.

Arriving from the WEST: Stay on I-10 heading east, away from California. EXIT at Quartzsite #17. At the top of the ramp, turn LEFT and go over I-10. The 4 way Stop sign will be MAIN St. Turn RIGHT onto Main Street heading east. Go into town. The only traffic light will be ahead a mile. Get into the RIGHT LANE before the traffic light. GO THRU THE LIGHT (Rt 95) and take the first RIGHT after the light - Mesquite Ave. Follow it one block, turn LEFT and the QIA Building will be on your RIGHT.



Quartzsite Improvement Association (QIA) - 235 E. Ironwood St ~ PO Box 881 ~ Quartzsite, AZ 85346

Regular Email (Non-Powwow) :  Info@QIAArizona.org     Tel: 928-927-6325

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