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As the Quartzsite Improvement Association, we try to provide as much as possible for the community. We love the fact that so many people come to visit us from all over the country and Canada during our "Season" of November thru March.

Our Activities at the QIA cover all aspects - Music, Bands & Concerts, Fundraisers, Community involvement, Classes, Bingo, Dances, Shows, Craft Fair, Meetings, Membership and just good old fashion fun for its members and so much more.

This page is the "catch all" page to explore all the activities and entertainment that can be found within the QIA. Happy exploring !!!

Performers, Bands

The QIA hosts lots of great and talented performers coming to the QIA. There is a great mix of Gospel singers, dance music performers, Recording artists and just great entertainers. Some of these great performers had to be booked a year ago, just to guarantee that the QIA could get them for this season.

Be sure to check our  Calendar page. That will have the up to date information for the various concerts, dances and shows we have planned for our 2013 - 2014 Season.

A very special "Thanks" to Sandy Andreasen for being the Q's Special Events Coordinator!! She really put lots of time and effort into getting this all to come together for us!

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13 Southbound AZ
21 Thanksgiving Dinner
27 Joe & Bonnie
4 Skyhawk Show
8 Soup & Chowder Festival
18 X-mas show
31 New Year’s Eve Dance, Skyhawk
8 Michael Culipher, Elvis Tribute
12 New Christy Minstrels 2pm, 7pm
16 Paul Winer - 2:00pm show
22 Peter, Paul, & Mary Tribute
16-20 POW WOW - Rock & Gem Show

Ricky Nelson Remembered, The Nelson Twins
2 Shows - Reserved Seating

29 Bernie & Red
2 Sam Rotman, Pianist, w/Spaghetti Feed
5 Hardshell Harmony
12 Arizona Connection
14 Valentine's Day - Dinner & Show (Danny Vernon)
19 Pastor Paul, Gospel Show
26 Southbound AZ
March 5 Joe & Bonnie

Past QIA Entertainment


The QIA has been a great gathering place for all types of classes and activities. Many different things are available to all visitors and members of the Quartzsite area.

Our QIA Classes cover all aspects of living - instruction, information, technology and learning lots of neat things.

Some of the classes are free while others charge a fee. No matter what the class is, you will find it is well worth your time to attend.

Be sure to look at our Calendar page to find out when a particular class is.

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Exercise Class - held Monday thru Friday 8:30AM.  There is a charge for this class.

NEW - Square Dancing Classes - Monday's & Wednesday's

Line Dancing - held Monday thru Thursday, there is a charge for this class (an indirect way to exercise and stay in shape.)

Painting /Party Fun Art - classes. $10 Wednesday from 9:30-11:30AM. FunArt Painting Parties are an opportunity to get creative, have fun with friends and learn a bit about painting.

Spanish Class is held Monday and Tuesday at 1:00PM.

Craft Classes - held on Monday and Thursday at 9AM. This is a gathering of crafters and painters sharing their ideas and handy work! Some really good talent is displayed.

Other Activities at the QIA

Open Mic / Gospel Jam - THURSDAYS

Dances - SATURDAY NIGHTS (unless room is booked for a special Event)

Bingo - FRIDAY


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Fundraiser's & Benefits

Over the course of years, various groups or organizations have held Benefits here to help raise funds for a worthy cause. The Benefits held at the QIA are always for a great cause - fund raisers, scholarship drives and dinners. Events held to help raise awareness and money for Celia's Garden, the Rock Club Scholarship Fund, the Search & Rescue Group, Operation Hero Comfort, Quartzsite Food Bank - just to name a few.

The various occasions are arranged and funded by the organizations conducting the fund raising. The arrange all the different entertainment acts, food, cooking, serving and cleaning up.

It's just been a great community service to Quartzsite and the area to have such a great facility that can accommodate these great events.

All these various events help an organization, the QIA and the community come together to share an event, some good food or entertainment.

Shows, Activities & Events

Gold Show - promises to be bigger and better than before with Tesoro Metal Detectors as our major corporate sponsor.

Pow Wow - held in 2019 on Jan 16, 2019 thru Jan 20, 2019

Craft Faire - held every first Saturday of the month (November-March)

Yard Sale - Held in conjunction with the Craft Faire (Tables for the Yard Sale set up away from the Craft Fair and along the NORTH Fence Area.)

TRAC Chair - Wounded Warrior Project project with the Quartzsite VFW

Grand Gathering - World Record (Largest Human Letter 'Q')

Grand Music Jamboree

Dances - Line Dancing, Square Dancing, 50's Dance, Sock Hop



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