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Craft Faire / Yard Sale

The Craft Faire at the QIA is held every first Saturday of the month (November-March).
A great value for such a large audience and a great way to help support your local Quartzsite Improvement Association.
While visiting the various vendors, we quickly realized there are lots of very talented people here from all over North America. Each vendor had some really unique and unusual items - all very well crafted!

Be sure to check our  Calendar page. That will have the up to date information

There are two (2) types of events on the same day - The Craft Faire and the Yard Sale.

Rental fees are only $10.00 for an 8' table indoors or a 10' outdoor space.

Special Thanks to Past Craft Faire Chairman: Cathy Landon, Jannis Palmer, Karen Martin

Basic Guidelines for the QIA Craft Faire:

Please join us as a vendor or just stop by to see our (over 100) very talented artisans & crafters.  Items featured include exclusively handmade creations such as jewelry, paintings, carvings, baskets, needlework, sewing & quilting, local authors, & so much more.

  • Finished, handcrafted items only.  No food, rough rock, slabs, retail/resale merchandise. or flea-market goods.
  • You must be a QIA member to sell at the Craft Fair - Membership is $5/year
  • Set-up begins at 7:00am.  Be ready to sell at 9:00am
  • If you don't have a reserved table or space, please check in with the Craft Faire Chairman prior to setting up any items. 
  • Take-down is 1:00pm.  Early take down may result in forfeiture of your table/space.
  • Please contact Nancy Nichols 360-635-1367 with questions or to reserve your table/space.

Basic Guidelines for the QIA Yard Sale:

  • There is a $5 charge per space and if you need tables they are $5 each
  • QIA $5 Yearly Membership is required and maybe purchased that day
  • Set-up begins at 7:00am.  Be ready to sell at 9:00am
  •  Tables for the Yard Sale must be set up away from the Craft Fair and along the NORTH Fence Area. 
  • Please look for "Mike", if you have any questions. He will be collecting the table fee.
  • Call Mike for more info  on yard sale 641-680-9229

This is just a sampling of the many different items that were represented Craft Fair. We all know this was just the beginning ... by January it's a huge eventwith lots of vendors and customers!

Craft Faire 01

Craft Faire 04

Craft Faire 07

Craft Faire 010

Craft Faire 013

Craft Faire 02

Craft Faire 05

Craft Faire 08

Craft Faire 011

Craft Faire 014

Craft Faire 03

Craft Fair 05

Craft Faire 009

Craft Faire 012

Craft Faire 015



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