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Facelift - 2013/2014 season

A great team of volunteers did painting, new floors, updated areas; and, the improvements are spectacular! ... It's amazing what can happen when a group of volunteers get together and decide to work as a team and give a new look to the QIA facility.

They tackled pretty much every area.

As you walk in the main entrance doors you'll see a B E A U T I F U L shiny new floor coating on the entire floor of the main ballroom and show room. Wow - what an improvement! Everyone thinks the floor is still "wet" it looks so new! It's fine and all set for shows, dances, Bingo and everything in-between!

The cafeteria area was completely re-painted from floor to ceiling. These volunteers came up with a great "sparkle" looking floor paint that went right over the old floor. However, we should mention that the old floor had to be smoothed over, sanded and completely prepped before it was coated with this special coating. All the walls were painted and it just looks so bright and fresh - all just in time for the opening on Friday November 1, 2014.

The volunteers were so excited with the new look, you couldn't stop them! They redid the bathrooms and even the kitchen floors! Talk about dedication.

A tremendous amount of effort went into the actual prep work for the floors. All the old tiles had to be smoothed over, sanded, filled in where broken or missing and cleaned before that beautiful coating of flooring could be applied - a lot of work! 


The offices had the old carpet pulled up and a bright shiny new floor and a fresh coat of paint was added to the walls. You could see the smiles on everyone faces within seconds of seeing the new area.


We tired to get as many people as possible together for a "Faces of the 2013/14 Facelift". The list of names of these wonderful volunteers - Bob L, Bob S, Kathy, John, Claudia, Pat, Charlie, Harry, Howard, Sandy, Aleen, Mike, Ray, Virginia, Randy, Ken, Joann, Gil and Erma.


Bingo 2013
Bingo Floor

Dance floor
Dance Floor

Coffee Station

Dance floor2
Dance Floor & Stage

Food service 2

Concession Area

Food Service Area
Food Service Area



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