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Facelift - 2014/2015 Season

The Dining Room floor that looked so good for the 2013-14 season had to be totally re-done! ... Nobody seemed to know what happened to it. Probably 50% of the tiles started peeling up over the summer. By the time the volunteers started arriving - MAJOR work had to be done to the floor.

New custodians Larry and Nancy arrived to find the Dining Room floor a disaster - literally! Then Bernie & Karen showed up to see the same. At that point we were afraid to tell Howard, Sandy, John and Kathy - they might turn around and head back home!

Howard, Sandy, John and Kathy were instrumental in doing the repairs the previous year! (If they knew the ENTIRE floor needed repair they may not have shown up.) ... BUT being the dedicated volunteers they are, they arrived and immediately started working on the floor. Larry and Howard had the most difficult job - actually "peeling" up the tiles with a slide hammer type device. The welds kept breaking so we finally got a chisel designed to handle the hammer.


Howard and Larry pushed and vibrated that hammer for days over the entire dining room floor!! Each day brought progress and finally it was all removed. Then the glue had to be removed and the floor sanded to make it all nice and smooth for a new finish!

As the deadline of Oct 31st arrived - it was completed and absolutely beautiful! ... Special THANKS to Howard, Larry, John, Sandy, Kathy, Nancy and Karen - incredible job!!

Next on the agenda was the Hobby Room. It is used by various groups and classes and a special event room for the Powwow Show. However, it was in a serious need of a "Clean up and Sprucing Up".

The "crew" started ripping out all the outdated pegboard and redid the walls for a fresh coat of paint. The carpet was pulled up and everything removed for a nice new look!

John got some great paint colors and went to work! Then they redid the floor with the same material as the Dining Room so it really dressed up the look!

Coffee Area
Coffee Area

Howard still Peeling
Howard still Peeling the floor

Hobby Room Floor
New Hobby Room Floor


Floor lifting

Damaged Floor


Peeling the floor
Peeling the floor back

New Floor
Nice shiny new floor

Howard completes
Howard completes the floor with a final touch




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