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VolHeart All members have voting rights and may serve on the Board of Directors or just be helpers! At the Q, we are so lucky to have so many members from all over North America and from just about every state. Without all these dedicated members and, the Board would not be able to function.

Each year starts with a very dedicated group and starting cleaning, organizing, paint and repair many areas within the building. An incredible task!!!!

The biggest single event every year is our POWWOW Show in January. Sandy (K) and Gwen came together and pulled off a really great Show. We had vendors from all over the world showing their "goodies". 200+ (yes two hundred plus) members volunteer to help with feeding, security and cleaning up for the POWWOW!

It was amazing to watch people who had never worked in a "commercial kitchen" before, VOLUNTEER to come in, get their assignments and do their job - often doing a double shift, hours at a time and 5 straight days!

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We have so many events each year that we could really use some "new" volunteers to help us out!

The POWWOW (for example) takes some 200 to 300 volunteers to
keep it running smoothly
(kitchen help, servers, security, parking attendants, etc!)

Please stop in the QIA Office
any weekday from 9am to Noon
to let us know that you are willing to
volunteer and help us out this year!

It's always rewarding to everyone to watch some of these massive events just come together!

Other ways to Volunteer

Volunteering isnt always about the events and activities. Sometimes its maintaining the building and facilities. Point is, no matter what your skill or time available Volunteering is what keeps us going.
Some of the projects are listed here: (click on link to review)

The Mural Project

Facelift - 2014/2015 season

Facelift 2013/2014 season

Ernestine - Head of QIA Door Greeters


The Board honored an incredible volunteer that does so much for the QIA.

Allene - Sound Person & Long Time QIA Member



Quartzsite Improvement Association (QIA) - 235 E. Ironwood St ~ PO Box 881 ~ Quartzsite, AZ 85346

Regular Email (Non-Powwow) :  Info@QIAArizona.org     Tel: 928-927-6325

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